Kaju Katli (Cashew Fudge)


1 cup cashews
1/2 cup sugar
5 tbsp water
9-10 strands of saffron


1. Take room temperature cashews in a grinder. Grind them to a smooth powder. Do not over grind else the cashews will start releasing oil. Sieve the cashew powder and keep aside.
2. Take 1/2 cup sugar and 5 tbsp water in a non-stick pan. Keep the pan on low flame and let the sugar dissolve in water. As soon as the sugar dissolves in water, proceed with the next step.
3. Now add the cashew powder. Keep on stirring on a low flame so that no lumps are formed. Keep stirring continuously.
4. The mixture will start thickening and would start coming together. It usually takes around 10-12 mins for the mixture to thicken.
5. When the mixture starts looking like a very soft dough, switch off the flame and place the cashew lump mixture in a work surface.
6. Once you put the cashew mixture dough on the work surface, add saffron strands to it. When the dough becomes medium hot, start kneading the dough lightly with your slightly greased hands. Do not over knead as the cashews would start releasing oil. Remember to knead the dough when its medium hot.
7. In case the dough becomes too soft, then add 1 tsp of milk powder. If the dough looks dry, then add 1 tsp of milk.
8. Next, flatten the dough and place it on the back of a greased plate or tray or butter paper. The cashew dough should be hot while rolling.
9. Gently roll with a rolling pin to make it even. If you see some cracks, then place a butter paper on top and roll again. Roll to get a thickness of 3 mm. Allow the rolled cashew dough to cool.
10. Once the cashew dough is cooled completely, cut them into diamond shapes. Using a butter knife, gently remove the kaju katli pieces from the bottom. Take care that the kaju katli's do not break.
11. Remove and arrange them in a plate. Serve the kaju katli immediately. Alternatively, you can even store them in an air tight container.


  1. Tried this recipe, with exact measurements given....kaju katli was just too yummmm....my boys finished all in no time....


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