Blueberry Banana Smoothie

Blueberry Banana Smoothie is an easy, creamy, nutritious and refreshing drink to start off your day. It is made with frozen blueberries, banana and yogurt, which is then all blended together to a frosty drink. 

Servings:- 2 people

Course:- Drinks, Smoothie

Cuisine:- American, World


1 cup frozen blueberries

1 banana, halved

3/4-1 cup vanilla yogurt

1-2 tbsp chia seeds, soaked

1-2 tbsp honey (optional)

2-3 ice cubes


1. Add 1 cup frozen blueberries, 1 banana, 3/4-1 cup yogurt, 1-2 tbsp soaked chia seeds, 1-2 tbsp honey (optional) and 2-3 ice cubes in a blender. Blend them until completely smooth. 

2. Pour the blueberry banana smoothie into glasses and serve them immediately.