Rasgulla is a traditional and authentic Bengali sweet recipe made with chenna. Rasgulla is a basic sweet recipe made by curdling the milk and then boiling in sugar water. A simple dessert which is immediately served after lunch or dinner. 

Now, let me share a few tips and suggestions to make soft and spongy rasgulla. First, it is highly recommended to use full cream milk to make rasgullas as it results in good quality paneer. Second, kneading the chenna properly is an important trick while making rasgullas. Knead the paneer with light hands as it must hold together. Third, make sure that the balls do not have any cracks in it or else they might break while boiling in hot water. Finally, do not open the lid while boiling or else the temperature may drop resulting in flat rasgullas. 

Servings:- 11 rasgulla

Course:- Sweet

Cuisine:- Indian, Bengali


1 litre milk, full cream

1.5 tbsp lemon juice

1/2 cup sugar

2.5 cup water

2 pod cardamom


1. Firstly, in a vessel get 1 litre full cream milk to a boil. Keep stirring the milk occasionally to prevent the formation of cream. 

2. Now, when the milk comes to a boil, pour in 1.5 tbsp of lemon juice and stir well. Keep stirring on low flame until the milk curdles. Switch off the flame once the water separates completely. 

3. Next, drain off the curdled milk over a muslin cloth lined over a colander. Rinse off the curdled milk with fresh water to remove the sourness from lemon juice.

4. Further squeeze off the water completely and hang them for 1 hour. Make sure that the water has drained off completely. 

5. Now, after an hour start mashing the paneer for 5 mins. Mash them until it has a smooth texture without any paneer grains. 

6. Next, make small sized paneer balls and keep aside. Cover them with a wet cloth to prevent the balls from drying. 

7. Further in a large deep bottomed vessel take 1/2 cup sugar, 2.5 cup water and 2 pod cardamom. On low flame, stir and dissolve the water completely. Boil the sugar water for 5 mins.

8. Now, slowly drop in the rolled paneer balls into the boiling water one by one. Cover and boil for 10 mins or until the rasgulla doubles in size. 

9. Further drop the rasgullas into ice-cold water immediately to prevent from shrinking in size. Once the rasgullas cool completely, take them into a serving bowl or tray and pour the leftover sugar water. 

10. Finally, serve the rasgullas chilled or as required.