Kaju Pista Barfi

Kaju-Pista Barfi is an Indian sweet delicacy usually prepared for some special and festive occasion. It is prepared from powdered cashew, powdered almonds and powdered pistachios along with some chunks of pistachios which gives it a nice taste. 

Now, let me share a few tips and suggestions to make kaju-pista barfi. First, on grinding the cashews, make sure that the cashews do not turn to a paste and remain powdered. Also keep in mind to sieve the cashew powder, so that the large chunks of cashew can be separated easily. Second, on making the pistachio paste, make sure to bind the paste really well after adding the colored milk. Third, you need to keep stirring the cashew paste and cook them till you get a thick consistency. But do keep in mind not to overcook them as then later it becomes difficult to roll the dough. Finally, you can cut the flattened cashew and pistachio dough into any shape of your choice. Also, I have not garnished it with silver vark as it is not good for health, but you can garnish if not health-concerned. 

Servings:- 18-20 pieces

Course:- Sweets

Cuisine:- Indian


1 cup cashew

1/3 cup pistachios

1/3 cup almond

2 tbsp powdered sugar

2 tbsp milk

A few drops of green food color

1 tbsp ghee

1/3 cup sugar

1/3 cup water


1. First, grind the cashews to a fine powder and sieve them so that the large chunks can be separated. Keep the cashew powder aside. 

2. Similarly, take half of the pistachios and almonds in a grinder and grind them to a fine powder. Transfer the powder to a mixing bowl and further finely chop the remaining half of the pistachios and mix them with the powder. 

3. Now, add the powdered sugar and mix them well. Next, take milk in a small bowl and add a few drops of green food color and mix them well. Further add the colored milk to the powder and bind the stuffing really well. Keep the pistachio dough aside. 

4. Now, in a kadai heat sugar and water and allow the sugar to melt completely. Keeping the flame on low, add the cashew powder and ghee. Mix and cook them till you get a thick consistency on medium flame. Mix them continuously, making sure that there are no lumps formed. Do not overcook the cashew mixture as it gets stiff later on. 

5. Further transfer the paste to a bowl and allow it to cool down a little. Do not cool it completely, make sure that the paste is still warm. 

6. Now, spread a butter paper on a rolling board or your kitchen slab and transfer the warm kaju paste over it. Knead them slightly to a dough. Further flatten them slightly with your hands and with the help of a rolling pin, roll them evenly from all sides. 

7. Now, with the help of a cutter, cut the flattened, rolled cashew dough into your desired shape and keep aside. 

8. Similarly, take the pistachio paste in a butter paper, and knead them slightly to form a dough. Further, roll them evenly from all sides using a rolling pin and cut them with the help of a cutter to your desired shape. 

9. Now, take a heart-shaped cashew barfi and top of it place the heart-shaped pistachio barfi and again place the heart-shaped cashew barfi. Prepare all the kaju-pista barfi in the similar way. 

10. Finally, serve the kaju-pista barfi immediately. You can even refrigerate and store them in an air-tight container for up to 2-3 weeks.