Tamarind Chutney

Tamarind Chutney also known as Imli Chutney is a sweet and tangy sauce which is generally served with Indian chaat or snacks like samosa and kachori. This recipe was shared by my mom and it is just so finger-licking tasty. 

So, let me now share a few tips to make this chutney a lip-smacking one. Firstly, the consistency of the chutney is slightly thick, however you can change the consistency as per your choice. Secondly, you can also the adjust the sweetness level as per your choice, however the chutney is best preferred when you have a slight sweet taste. Finally, you can even store this tamarind chutney in an airtight glass jar in the refrigerator for 7-8 months. It is always good to store in a glass jar rather than a plastic one as later the plastic jars tend to absorb the smell and flavors of the food. 

Servings: 2 jars

Cuisine: North Indian

Course: Side Dish


3 cup seedless tamarind/imli

10 cups water or as required

1.5 tsp red chilli powder

3 cup jaggery or as required

Salt to taste

1 tsp rock salt

1 tsp cumin powder, roasted

1.5 tsp cardamom powder


1. Firstly, in a large bowl, soak tamarind and jaggery in water for 2-2.5 hours. After 2 hours, squeeze out the pulp from the tamarind with your hands in the same bowl. 

2. Further strain the pulp in a pan and keep aside. Make sure to remove all the pulp from the tamarind. 

3. Now, place the pan on low flame and cook the tamarind pulp. Further add salt, rock salt, red chilli powder and cumin powder. Cook the pulp till you get a thick consistency. 

4. Next, as the chutney thickens, add the cardamom powder. Switch off the flame and allow the chutney to cool completely.

5. Finally, store the tamarind chutney in an airtight glass container or jar. Refrigerate the chutney and serve when required.